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What do we offer in Our Flooring Services?

The market has developed and expanded when it comes to flooring installation and flooring products to choose from. Home owners are not limited in their choosing, it’s easier now than ever to find a product that is rightly suited for your space and is highly affordable. Products such as Hardwood, Laminate and Vinyl planks are now much more popular in homes, restaurants, cafes and offices

We offer a free consultation and estimate in order to determine and guide you in direction that would be best for your home and family.

1-year guarantee for all projects.

1. Hardwood

Hardwood has remained one of Canada’s most popular flooring options for years. Hardwood has an elegant finish, it is easy to install and maintain for many years and add great value to your space.

Whether you are planning to place hardwood flooring in your entry way or in your entire home, the options are endless when it comes to hardwood. Hardwood comes in many different styles and colours to fit your home esthetic and increase the value of your property.

There are many benefits to having hardwood flooring. Depending on your personal preference and lifestyle, you can choose from different woods such as oak, maple and hickory to find the perfect colour and durable species that fits your home. There are also numerous finishes available for both solid and engineered hardwood flooring. There are many ways of installing hardwood and creating a design piece within your flooring.

2. Vinyl planks

With easy installation, water-resistant and easy to maintain, vinyl planks are a wonderful option for basements, bedrooms, kitchens, restaurants and high foot traffic areas. It comes in many finishes and has a wide range of colours and design options. Vinyl floorings are a functional and stain-resistant product. Vinyl planks are a very durable product and when installed properly can last upward of 20 years. This stylish material also allows for customers to receive great quality flooring for a lower price range. Another reason to consider vinyl planks is because of their easily replaceable pieces. If damaged, there is no need to remove the entire flooring.

3. Laminate

Laminate flooring is a great combination of both hardwood and vinyl planks for an affordable cost. It has grown in popularity over the years because of its overall benefits and inexpensive alternative to hardwood flooring. Laminate tends to take on the look and colour of hardwood flooring, with the durability of vinyl planks. It also comes in patterns resembling stone, marble or ceramic. It’s a diverse product that best suitable for cabins as well.

The product is eco-friendly and primary made from high-density fiberboard, it is a solid, strong material that can be installed on top of other flooring. All laminate flooring is constructed from 4 or 5 layers of material increasing its strength. The bottom layer of any laminate flooring allows for a strong foundation that prevents the material from warping or getting damaged. Good quality laminate flooring can last anywhere from 20-30 years.

1-year guarantee for all projects

4. Servicing

Over the years flooring can get damaged for various reasons, it can become very costly to install new flooring. We have consultations in order to determine if it can be a simple fix. We offer replacement, repair and maintenance for any flooring.